Paul’s Success Story

I’ve had various treatments over the years, fundamentally it’s a regular process because we are in the Denplan process so we see Robert, or I see Robert regularly. I’ve had fillings from time-to-time obviously I’ve had to have teeth taken out, but, he just looks after us incredibly well, as does in fairness Amy, who’s the Hygienist, she’s brilliant and we get on very well, we always have a laugh, she’s just great.

The atmosphere of the practice is extraordinarily comfortable, you walk through the door and you meet with the reception team and they’re really good, and then you meet with the dentist, which again is Robert for me and they’re superb. It’s like a family and we’ve introduced our daughter and she’s introduced our granddaughter to the process, and it’s like a sense of community, I don’t know anywhere that would reflect it as well as that frankly.

For us it’s all about the relationship that you can have with your dentist and the dental practice, and my wife, god bless her, because I was much busier in the old days, so Sue, went around and she studied, I think she went to three or four dental practices and just got the feel, the aura and this was the one that scored the best opportunity for us to have a relationship longer term with a dentist, because it is, it’s something you have to be comfortable with isn’t it? Because it’s a long term thing and as I say, you know, 15 – 20 years later we’re still here and delighted to be so in all fairness.

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