Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants during the last decade have become an indispensable part of mainstream dentistry, helping dentists to improve the quality of life of large patient populations.

Cross-sectional studies have shown implant treatment to be highly reliable and safe in suitably selected patients. Long- term benefits of implant treatment include:

Cost effective and long lasting solution to tooth loss

Significant benefits in improving quality of life and well being

Prevention of further bone loss and jaw bone support

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Meet Our Implantologist

Robert Baker Dentist

Mr Baker has placed over 800 implants since his first in 2011, and the numbers are increasing year by year. He also has experience in bone grafting, bone augmentation, sinus lifts, immediate implants, same-day teeth, all-on-4, all-on-6 and other advanced surgical techniques.

He has a fantastic team of specially trained assistants, and always uses the best aseptic and sterile conditions possible, to provide a safe surgical environment for your safety and the success of the treatment. Full aftercare is provided for you, including his mobile phone number if you wish to contact out of hours.

Mr Baker Implant Dentist

  • Bob baker started placing implants in 2009
  • Holds the postgraduate diploma in implant dentistry from the royal college of surgeons 2013/14 two year course
  • Dentsply one year implant course london 2009/10
  • Places up to 100 implants annually on average
  • Numerous postgraduate update courses attended
  • Qualified to give iv sedation if required
  • Member of the adi (association of dental implantologists)
  • Member of saad (the society of advancement of anaesthesia in dentistry)


Mr Baker offers a 20-minute consultation to patients wishing to explore an implant treatment option. This is charged at £50.00 and will be deducted from the final bill should you go ahead with the treatment. Within this time he can usually assess if you are suitable for implant treatment and give you options and an estimation of price and time scales.

I will outline the options to you

All options will be costed before you make a decision

Timescales, risks and benefits will be discussed

A fully costed plan and consent letter will be sent before treatment starts

Dental Implants Placed

What we Can Offer You

High quality dental implants at an affordable cost

Modern surgeries, equipment and a top rated implant system

Sterile and aseptic techniques backed up by ten years of implant experience following The Royal College of Surgeons guidelines

All implant restorations (crowns and bridges) are manufactured at the south coasts top rated dental laboratory

The Benefits

You are in very safe hands

Treatment is kept as simple as possible

Appointment visits kept to a minimum

Conscious IV Sedation is an option

Case Studies

Young lady who traumatically lost the upper central incisor. Damaged the bone around the lost tooth. Implant placed with particulate bone graft. Restored three months later. Photo is just after restoring so gum looks a bit inflamed. This will settle in the next few days.

Patient had two implants to replace both front two teeth with bone graft adjacent second incisor and canine crowned at the same time.

Lady before treatment missing incisor and hates the appearance of her teeth. After treatment central was replaced with an implant and crown. Upper teeth were restored with a combination of e max ceramic crowns and bridges.

Upper central implant with adjacent tooth crowned and coloured to match existing stained dentition Before with denture and after with implant and crown and adjacent crown replaced.

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Dental Implant Costs Guide

All treatment is fully estimated before starting.

Fee GuidePrice
Initial consultation (deducted from cost if you go ahead with treatment)£50
Replace one tooth with single implant and crown£2,200
Replace two teeth with single implant and crown£2,600
Two implants to support a three unit bridge£4,750
Implants to support a new dentureFrom – £3,500
Upper arch four implants and dentureFrom – £6,500
Four implants and full arch hybrid bridgeFrom £10,000
Six implants and full arch hybrid bridgeFrom £12,500
Simple particlate bone graftingFrom – £250
Sinus lift fromFrom £750

Reviews From Our Patients

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