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Am writing to thank you for giving me back a confident smile, with my recent tooth implant. The following day I couldn’t distinguish the implant from my own teeth, it’s as though there was never a gap. Wonderful job and money well spent! Thank you.


In the past Mr Bajer has given me four implants. I was very nervous at the thought of having them, but the treatment was totally painless and easy. I am very pleased that I have had them as they feel like natural teeth when I eat. I can really recommend having them.


My experience of implant treatment carried out by Mr Baker at Sandown Dental Practice has been an entirely positive one. I found him eminently approachable, considerate and thorough – ready to explore all options and address concerns. The treatment (two implants supporting four teeth) proceeded without a hitch and has made  big difference to my dental health and comfort.


I have just had an implant at Sandown Dental Practice by Robert Baker and the whole procedure went very smoothly, from the initial tooth removal, implant fitting and fitting the new tooth. The procedure was not painful and the finished tooth colour match makes it indistinguishable from the natural teeth surrounding the implant. The financial costs compared very favourably to a previous implant I received in London and I would recommend this Dentist if an implant is considered necessary.


Many thanks to all the staff for putting me at ease, showing such compassion and arranging an urgent appointment so quickly today. And thanks also to Camille and her nurse for their reassurance and calm professionalism throughout my treatment; as always at this practice, a very high standard of service.

Liz W

Following the loss of a couple of bridges that could not be re-fitted or replaced due to degradation of the original teeth that they were anchored to, I enquired about the possibility of having implants.

I’m one of those people who don’t mind crowns and bridges, but shudder at the thought of plates, dentures or anything that is not fixed, however high-tech they are.

I was delighted to hear from Robert Baker, following x-rays and an initial consultation, that my jaw bone structure was suitable for implants so I went ahead with the procedure.

It is a long procedure [regardless of what the advertisements on commercial radio would have you believe!] Existing teeth have to be removed and allowed 3 months to heal. The implant is then placed and needs 3 months for the gums to recover and the bone to grow around it, then the crowns are fitted.

I can’t fault the procedure, it was surprisingly painless and the end result has been a revelation to me. Yes, it’s expensive but well worth it compared to the alternatives.