Charle’s Success Story

The treatment that I’ve had so far has been regular caps, root treatment, I’ve also had four implants which I’m very, very happy with, it’s made such a difference. Before I had the implants I had a bridge across the bottom here, but that kept coming loose and I had various treatment on that to improve on it but at the end of the day you’re actually eating with a removable plate which I absolutely hated to be honest so that’s why I had the implants.

The first impressions is that that they were very patient, the people were nice, polite on reception and generally the dentist, Mr Baker, I’ve always been with him and he was considerate and took his time, and there is no pain, which is the other thing, you don’t feel pain with the dentist it’s always in the mind the pain that you feel.

My thoughts on Mr Baker have always been a one of trust and he always does a very, very good job. I’ve came and had a lot of work, it’s a lot of work when you have implants, but there was no pain, nothing like that, no discomfort, it takes quite a bit of time but it was really good and I’m very, very happy with it. When I had a plate, a removable plate which was awful, you were forever getting food stuck in there and things like this. With these I don’t have anything like this at all, all it needs is normal regular cleaning and flossing, as you do with all your other teeth, just carry on as normal. You have no idea that they are there, you just forget, it’s just normal, it’s like having normal four teeth in my mouth basically.

I would recommend it in a heartbeat, definitely. Mr Baker is absolutely brilliant, and the practice and all the staff are really, really good so I would always recommend it.

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