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Before And After Photos

Lady before treatment. Missing incisor and hates the appearance of her teeth. After treatment central was replaced with an implant and crown. Upper teeth were restored with a combination of e max ceramic crowns and bridges.

Patient suffered a fracture and loss of his bridge UL123 two implants placed restored with an implant retained bridge UL123

Maryland bridge example premolar/molar.

Young lady who traumatically lost the upper central incisor. Damaged the bone around the lost tooth. Implant placed with particulate bone graft. Restored three months later. Photo is just after restoring so gum looks a bit inflamed. This will settle in the next few days.

Patient who has a single implant to replace the UR1, and a crown replacing the existing crown UL1.

Lower molar restored with implant and screw retained crown.

Dental implant photos replacing a lower molar.

Upper left incisor and premolar implant restorations.

Upper Premolars restored lab stages on model.

Upper molar restored x-rays to show stages before marker pin check implant with sulcus former final restoration.

Upper central implant with adjacent tooth crowned and coloured to match existing stained dentition. Before with denture and after with implant and crown and adjacent crown replaced.

Upper premolars restored with two implants and ceramic crowns.

Patient had two implants to replace both front two teeth with bone graft adjacent second incisor and canine crowned at the same time.

Upper premolar implant plus adjacent crowns.

Patient with two lower implants to stabilise a loose lower complete denture two implants with locator attachments denture has two caps which snap down onto locator attachments.