Jannet’s  Success Story

The treatment I’ve had done here is, I’ve had two implants done, one done five years ago and one three years ago, two separate implants for single teeth, and it was just like having my normal tooth back again, I was absolutely amazed. When I had the second one done I already had a bridge and it was causing me problems below the bridge where I had to keep it immaculately clean and I just couldn’t, so I decided to have an implant there, and it was so much better than the bridge. Easy to clean and brilliant, I couldn’t have been happier.

Before I had the treatment done I was really distraught that maybe one day I’d have false teeth or something like that, I was in great discomfort, but Mr Baker recommended perhaps trying an implant, I thought this was the future, really no [other] options for me.

Mr Baker went out of his way to explain every step of the procedure, he was attentive, helpful and he was very gentle, there was never one slightest bit of pain in the whole treatment, and every step of the way he was there explaining it in great detail.

Life has been so much better, my mouth is so much healthier, I have no pain from it. I just couldn’t believe they weren’t mine. He made such a perfect job of them, you can see now, you don’t know which one is my implant and which one isn’t. I can smile, no problems, it really is fantastic.

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