General Dentistry Patient – Paul’s Success Story

“I’ve had various treatments over the years, fundamentally it’s a regular process because we are in the Denplan process so we see Robert, or I see Robert regularly. I’ve had fillings from time-to-time obviously I’ve had to have teeth taken out, but, he just looks after us incredibly well, as does in fairness Amy, who’s the Hygienist, she’s brilliant and we get on very well, we always have a laugh, she’s just great.”

Dental Implant Patient – Charles’ Success Story

The first impressions is that that they were very patient, the people were nice, polite on reception and generally the dentist, Mr Baker, I’ve always been with him and he was considerate and took his time, and there is no pain, which is the other thing, you don’t feel pain with the dentist it’s always in the mind the pain that you feel.”

Dental Implant Patient – Patricia’s Success Story

“My first impressions when I came to this practice was that the place is spotlessly clean which is what I was looking for and that the staff here were all very happy and very willing to help and you never feel rushed or pushed. The dentist, Mr Baker who carried out my treatment was very very patient with me, and explained everything fully before he did anything, so that I had a good understanding of what was going on. After I’d had the implants done I was more than happy, because they fit in with my teeth, with the shape of my mouth and again, I can smile.”

Dental Implant Patient – Jannet’s Success Story

Life has been so much better, my mouth is so much healthier, I have no pain from it. I just couldn’t believe they weren’t mine. He made such a perfect job of them, you can see now, you don’t know which one is my implant and which one isn’t. I can smile, no problems, it really is fantastic.”

General Dentistry Patient – Sue’s Success Story

I would certainly recommend the practice to others. They’re relaxed, they explain and it just feels very comfortable. Bearing in mind that years ago I had bad experiences with dentists and therefore I was very nervous, I felt really relaxed, as soon as I came through the door the very first time and have done since.”

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