Place Holder

Darko Ilioski – Dentist

GDC Registration number: 205324

My studies and practice of dentistry began in my teens, and I graduated as a dental technician in 2002.

I obtained a 1st class honours degree and was the first to be accepted into the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Plovdiv. During my studies, I worked as a dental technician and gained my first working experience in dentistry.

It has been my pleasure to spend my early career as a dentist at Medicus Alpha, one of the busiest private specialist hospitals in Plovdiv, since I graduated from Plovdiv University (Bulgaria) in 2008.

I hold a Diploma in Dental Implantology and a Master’s degree. Attending courses and conferences regularly both in the UK and abroad has given me the opportunity to learn from world-renowned experts.

 Keeping my professional standards high and pursuing professional development is my top priority. As part of my patient-centred approach I involve my patients fully in all aspects of their dental care, from decision-making to treatment.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, cycling, and playing tennis.

Having my two children around is my favourite time of the day.